Giprotruboprovod obtained a positive opinion of Glavgosexpertiza (General State Authority for Appraisal) on construction of a standby leg of a crossing of ESPO (Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean) - 2 across Amur

Date of publication: 23 August 2017 Print

Giprotruboprovod obtained a positive opinion of Glavgosexpertiza of Russia FAE (Federal Autonomous Establishment “General State Authority for Appraisal”) on capital construction facility of a standby leg of an underwater crossing of ESPO-2 oil trunk pipeline across the river Amur.

The standby leg is laid in parallel with the existing pipeline at the distance of 32 to 500 metres. The construction is necessary due to standard requirements and conditions of uninterrupted operation of the oil pipeline system for the period of performance of scheduled operations on the main leg.

Construction of this section of ESPO-2 will be conducted in two districts of Khabarovsk Territory. In accordance with the design assignment, the facility’s length will be equal to more than 34 km. The standby leg will be equipped with PIG traps.

The borders of the construction and assembly works conducting and temporary sites do not affect areas of unique plant communities requiring special protection and listed with the Red Books of the RF (Russian Federation) and Khabarovsk Territory. The obtained positive opinion of the state authority for appraisal certifies that the technical solutions are correct and fully comply with the RF environmental laws, securing unhampered migration of all birds, animals and fishes. Besides, the project provides for regular monitoring of the condition of water and biological resources, which will allow obtaining valid information on influence on fish fauna and fish’s food reserve upon construction of oil pipeline facilities.

Primorie scientists during design of ESPO-2 in the area of construction of a facility near settlement Svechino of Khabarovsk Territory detected objects with characteristics of archeological heritage - some ancient settlements and a burial ground. This circumstance has been taken into account already at the stage of selecting a site for the future standby leg, so the oil pipeline route was laid outside the historical and cultural monuments. The project as well provides for archeological supervision during the facility’s construction.

Commissioning of the standby leg of the underwater crossing is planned for 2020.

Reference Information:

The section Skovorodino - Kozmino (ESPO-2) was commissioned in December 2012. Construction of oil pipeline with the total length of 2,046 km from Skovorodino OPS (oil pump station) to Kozmino Port, construction of 8 OPS and reconstruction of Skovorodino OPS, construction of a tank farm - 500 thousand cubic metres, extension of onshore and sea facilities of Kozmino Port, construction of electricity supply facilities, communication and operation facilities were conducted as part of the project.

The route of  ESPO-2 pipeline system passes through Amur Region, Jewish Autonomous Region, Khabarovsk and Primorie Territories.