Giprotruboprovod, JSC organized recycling of batteries

Date of publication: 02 May 2017 Print

To the extent of the Year of Ecology, in order to fulfil the objectives of the environmental management system in the direction “Optimization of treatment of spent batteries”, Giprotruboprovod organized centralized recycling of spent accumulators and batteries.

By order at the level of the company, all business units (the head office and branches) were obliged to organize special places for collection of batteries and to ensure recycling of spent batteries and accumulators intended for exploratory and mobile field laboratory equipment.

It is a serious global problem to ensure recycling of widely used batteries. Usual and seemingly safe batteries and accumulator, as a rule, contain at least 10 highly toxic elements and dissolved heavy metals — lithium, mercury, lead, cadmium. One little cylindrical battery may contaminate a land plot with the area of 20 m². Chemical agents get into ground water, evaporate into the air and contaminate not only the environment, but also human organism. If a large number of batteries get to dumps and waste containers, they may inflict heavy damage to the environment and even cause ecological disasters.

According to the new order, business units of Giprotruboprovod are obliged to conclude contracts for recycling of large lots of batteries packed into special factory containers.